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Many fresh produce packing houses in Australia and around the world have been using a revolutionary software package called Hortrack since it came on the market four years ago.


Latest News

What is Freshtrack?

20 Feb 2007

You may also have heard of software with names like Freshtrack Gateway™ or Xchange™ or FieldOp™ and may wonder what they are. Freshtrack SoftwareTM is the new name of Hortilink Pty Ltd, the creator of Hortrack as some of you may know it. Freshtrack Software Pty Ltd has continued to develop the Hortrack product, now named Freshtrack Gateway™, and has added some new products to the fold. The following summaries may be useful to help you understand what we have available.

Freshtrack Gateway™ is the packing house traceability and supply chain software that has been making such a difference in so many packing houses. As produce arrives at the packing shed it is entered into the system, the delivery can be labelled and stored or graded immediately. As it is graded and packed, barcoded labels are printed and attached to each carton, tray or box. The barcodes are then scanned (either automatically by an in-line scanner or manually) and the cartons are palletised. Each carton can then be traced to its destination and can be traced back to the farm block. Each box has numerous data stored in the database, such as dates, batch numbers, pallet number, costs, weights, prices, levies and adjustments, plantings, farms and blocks, plus many more, to enable a wide range of reports to be prepared.

Freshtrack Xchange™ is an exciting new online fresh produce trading site. It is a central web server designed for buyers, wholesalers and retailers to electronically communicate with suppliers, growers and packing houses. It allows the parties to share information such as produce availability and price and to order produce, accept (or decline or partially accept) the order and to track the order.

Freshtrack Market™ is the virtual marketplace where online bidding on available produce can occur. Freshtrack OrderBook™ is a secure way to place orders online.

Freshtrack FieldOp™ is an expansion of the paddock diary module found within Freshtrack Gateway™. It has been designed specifically for fresh produce growers. FieldOp™ allows planning of grower activities, tracking consumables and most importantly tracking of any interventions – for example spraying, pruning and irrigation.

FieldOp™ assists with forecasting, and can be used to compare historical data, crop yields and prices and to determine the gross margin for each block. Weather conditions can be tracked to assist planning modification during the season and a broad range of historical data can be maintained.

Freshtrack - An integrated system
The three Freshtrack products can be interfaced to provide a seamless system from paddock to store.

Freshtrack FieldOp™ provides Gateway with forecast information and on delivery a full history of the produce. This information can be shared with buyers using Xchange. Packed product can be sold using Xchange and prices fed back to Gateway and to FieldOp. The combination of the Freshtrack systems provides easy tracking of each carton from the farm block to the supermarket shelf and back and provides agribusinesses with a smarter way of doing business.

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