FreshTrack Software
Fresh Produce Supply Chain Systems

For Packing Houses

Freshtrack Gateway™ is a unique traceability and supply chain management solution for today’s modern packing house. Gateway™ has been designed to streamline the packing house process from the delivery of fresh produce, through grading, to packing and consignment.


Freshtrack Gateway™ Explained

Gateway™ records fresh produce as it is delivered. This data remains with the produce as it is processed through the packing facility, eliminating any further manual entry of data. Gateway™ is the most advanced and comprehensive packing house management system available in the world today. The system is flexible enough to adapt to any operation and to change with the demands of retailer requirements, including the trend toward RFID labelling.

Freshtrack Gateway™ electronically records details of produce as it arrives at the packing house, bar code labels it, maps its storage location in cool rooms and tracks the batch as it is graded. Gateway™ produces EAN compliant bar code labels at each packing outlet showing batch, grade and produce details. Labels are fixed to cartons, punnets, bags or RPCs. Pallet dockets are generated and load manifests created.

Gateway™ is a combination of software and hardware, including bar code and label printers, PCs, scanners, wiring and control boards. The complete system is supplied, installed and maintained by Freshtrack™ accredited technicians.

Cost Savings

Packing staff

Conversion of staff to piece rates. Where staff wear RFID tags Gateway™ records individual productivity and enables packout quality to be monitored. This provides increased productivity whilst maintaining quality.

Administration staff

Grower reports and produce status is stored electronically. There is no need to manually tally packout volume or physically check the status of produce. All manual record keeping is eliminated as the relevant data is recorded on delivery and automatically registered through to consignment by way of RFID or bar code scanning. All Grower reports are automatically generated, including invoices.

Stock control

Gateway™ allows instantaneous stock reconciliation by variety, cool room, grading or packing stage, and consignment. The location and quantity of all stock is known instantly with Gateway™.

Modules available

Freshtrack™ is continually expanding the software modules available for packing houses. Additional modules currently available for Gateway™ include:

Pooling Module

The pooling module allows the averaging of prices achieved for groups of Growers.

Bin Tracking Module

Where a packing house lends bins or lugs to Growers the bin tracking module records the whereabouts of those bins. Essentially this is a stock reconciliation module.


Gateway™ has more than 250 standard reports included in the software. The reporting function is very powerful and covers stock control, grower reports, despatch and consignment, staff productivity, invoicing and payments, and accounting and auditing reports. Gateway™ has a report builder allowing you to create your own custom reports.