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Freshtrack Xchange™ is an open Web Application and B2B message translator enabling private communication and order procurement within the Fresh Produce supply chain.


Freshtrack Xchange™ Explained

Freshtrack Xchange™ is a central web server developed specifically for Buyers in the fresh produce industry. Xchange™ allows Buyers such as Marketing Groups, Wholesalers and Retailers to electronically communicate with Suppliers, Growers and Packing Houses. Xchange™ is a two way interface between Buyers and Suppliers to transfer essential market information such as produce availability and price, despatch of an order, acceptance of that order and consignment and tracking of the order.

Freshtrack Xchange™ is truly revolutionary in the Fresh Produce industry. The system not only allows for transfer of crop and stock forecast information and EDI ordering but provides for full traceability of fresh produce back to a Grower’s planting block. This provides the public with confidence that the source and history of the product is known and gives Retailers the ability to isolate quality issues back to the Grower’s farm lot immediately. It also allows the Supplier to instantly identify other Buyers who have been supplied with the same product.

Xchange™ enables Suppliers to engage with Buyers in an exchange of messages including crop forecasting and produce availability, bidding on crops and responding to an order request. Buyers place EDI orders through the Xchange™ server with Suppliers accepting, rejecting or part filling the order. Where accepted the Supplier fills the order and sends an Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) through Xchange™ on consignment. The ASN contains all details of the load manifest and identifies the origin and history of the product, the grower, orchard/farm lot, harvest date, sprays used, etc. Xchange™ provides transparent traceability of fresh produce through the entire supply chain.

Freshtrack Xchange™ in Practice

Marketing Groups, Wholesalers and Retailers utilise the Freshtrack Xchange™ network to communicate and transact amongst their Supplier communities. Users of Xchange™ receive an order which they can distribute to Suppliers within their community. This may be based on contractual obligation, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) determining past performance, or on the basis of preferred Suppliers.

Orders may be standard EDI messages or may be entered into the Xchange™ system through the web portal. Suppliers accept, reject or partly accept orders received. Once acted upon a message is returned to Xchange™ to advise of the order status. This messaging between Buyers and their Supplier communities continues back and forth until the order is filled. Upon fulfilment of the order an ASN is sent to either the Buyer or Distribution Centre (DC) with the item details and history of the produce. On receipt at the DC produce is accepted or rejected and an electronic advice is sent back to the Supplier to advise.


Xchange™ has a unique two way crop forecasting function.

It allows Buyers to send requests to Suppliers for quantity at the Supplier’s specified price over the short and medium term.
The alternative model is where Suppliers advise Buyers the quantity of produce they have available at a certain price, usually over the short term. Based on the consolidation of price and availability information a market price may be struck and offered back to Suppliers.

Xchange™ handles all price negotiations through its central server. Xchange™ stores all historical forecasting and transactional data providing for forecasting to be based on historical patterns before and during a crop’s season.


Xchange™ transacts using EDI messages. All common formats are supported, including the Australasian Retail Grocery Association EANCOM-derived message format. This ordering system uses the GTIN as a product identifier and all box, pallet and consignment manifest bar codes are EAN compliant. Xchange™ allows for immediate EDI roll out to any fresh produce category.


To facilitate integration, Freshtrack Xchange™ data can be transferred to CRM or accounting systems in any required format through its open SQL database.

Freshtrack Software Solutions

Freshtrack Software™ solutions add value throughout the entire supply chain. FieldOp™ communicates directly with packing sheds operating Freshtrack Gateway™, Freshtrack’s packing shed management system. When produce is delivered to the packing shed, data recorded for that delivery can be automatically transferred to Freshtrack Gateway™. Data may include block details, variety and delivery quantity. Grower crop forecasts can also be sent electronically to Freshtrack Gateway™ via Freshtrack FieldOp™ to provide information for packer marketing programmes, and ultimately to assist in achieving the best market prices. Packing sheds using Freshtrack Gateway™ receive orders and transfer stock forecasts using Freshtrack Xchange™. Freshtrack Xchange™ is a trading system used by Buyers and Retailers to electronically transact with packing houses.

Adoption of the Freshtrack Solution

Freshtrack offers an instantaneous roll out solution for Buyers who wish to adopt Freshtrack Xchange™. Freshtrack will provide Suppliers with web portal access enabling them use of the on-line version of Freshtrack Gateway™. All Suppliers will be given access to the Xchange™ central server. This allows full communication between Buyers and sellers via EDI. Buyers will be able to receive orders, send forecasts and correspond over the web portal. Buyers will also be able to print box and pallet labels, consignment notes and ASN via the web portal. For smaller Suppliers the web portal may be a permanent solution however it would be envisaged that larger Suppliers upgrade to the fully installed version of Freshtrack Gateway™ which would include full wiring of the grading line, packing station printers, scanners and a dedicated PC running the software.