Welcome to FreshTrack Systems

For Packers, Growers, and Marketers

Our software offers flexibility and incorporates modules tailored to meet your business requirements.

Welcome to FreshTrack Systems

Smart Cloud Solutions

We are empowering fresh produce Growers, Packers, and Marketers with innovative supply chain solutions on the Cloud.

Welcome to FreshTrack Systems

Supply Chain Traceability

Get detailed insights into the entire supply chain of your produce.

Cloud Native Technology

We are elevating agriculture

Smart Solutions

Assisting growers, packers, and marketers

Full Traceability

Keep track of produce during the entire journey

Our Company

Leading provider of digital supply chain & traceability solutions

Modernizing the Fresh Produce Industry.

Our mission is to provide farmers, packers, and buyers in the fresh produce industry with high-quality supply chain management and traceability tools and services. By facing challenges together with our customers, we assist them in obtaining valuable business insights to optimize their decision-making processes, increase efficiency, and improve the flow of information.

Growing & Harvesting

Analytics & Insights

Cloud & On-Site Installations
Point-of-Packing & Labelling Solutions
Detailed reporting customized for your business
Full traceability through the entire supply chain
… and much more!
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What Our Clients Say

Discover how our digital solutions and services have made a difference and provided value to businesses and individuals. These testimonials showcase our commitment to delivering quality and excellence in everything we do.

"Over the past decade, our collaboration with FreshTrack has been nothing short of transformative. What began as a mere 'harvest management and packing tool' has evolved into a comprehensive service encompassing everything from picker payments and harvest to warehousing, labelling, traceability, grower payments, and quality control. The FreshTrack team's forward-thinking approach and commitment to truly understanding our business needs have played a pivotal role in our growth. With them, we've managed to stay ahead technologically and retained full control over our data. Their partnership has been invaluable to our success."

Josh McGuiness, Mountain Blue

"The flexibility in FreshTrack has allowed us to have a system that is custom tailored to Humpty Doo Barramundi’s needs and has streamlined the process from the entering of orders through to dispatch."

Nu Phanupen, Humpty Doo

"Last year we installed the FreshTrack System and it immediately increased our net profit by 12% and enabled us to increase our shed capacity by 40%."

Tim Elliot, W.E.Pack

"The whole system is so easy to use particularly with its integration with the grading computer. It’s solving so many administration problems we’ve had in the past and all of our staff have adjusted to using it surprisingly easily."

Elita Ymer, Valley Star

Benefits of Our Solutions

Why Choose FreshTrack

Our innovative software streamlines operations, optimizes resource allocation, and delivers accurate insights in real-time for growers, packers, and marketers. With our integrated IT solutions, FreshTrack is revolutionizing the space.

Optimized Processes

Elevate your operations: our software is designed to enhance efficiency and productivity at every stage.

Full Traceability

Ensure complete traceability of your agricultural products from field to market. Transparency and accountability at every step.

Customized Reporting

Our tailored reports answer all questions you have in real-time, giving you valuable insights to make informed business decisions.

Responsive Support

Our responsive support team is with you all the way.
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